History of Irontite

The Following has been formulated from memory and printed documents.

Irontite was born in ’52 to offer to the engine rebuilding industry (machine shops) “Crack Detection and Repair” (CD&R) products to detect and repair castings using our professional “cold repair” process, entailing the removal of the cracked fatigued metal, replacing with fresh new metal, then testing the casting to insure the casting is “Irontite”.

Early on with the growth of our CD&R products, we found many diesel cylinder heads requiring casting repair, hence we created our own line of “Diesel Tooling” (DT), enabling the engine rebuilder/machinist to remove and install brass, copper or now stainless steel injector sleeves in additon to repairing of the damaged or cracked injector sleeve casting seat areas utilizing our CD&R products, in addition, some of our DT are now going into the fleet/mechanic market, for hand usage.

With our coolant additive history, this is where we (IT) made a “jobber store” customer driven market transition in the early to mid ’60‘s.


Early in the 1950‘s the need for a coolant sealant grew out of professional machine shops that repaired castings, cylinder heads and blocks, which after the repair the machinist wanted to coat and seal off internally any casting imperfections. Out of this need, our first coolant additive Ceramic Seal evolved. The professional machinist would apply the Ceramic Seal at the machine shop level by the use of a Circulator, when used in conjunction with a Pressure Tester, would heat and circulate the Ceramic Seal flowing the solution throughout the water jacket areas of a cylinder head or block, to internally seal off any minor leak crack porosity, sand pit hole area and to coat the cooling system with a ceramic coating.


Pint applications were added due to in the demand of customers wishing to coat internally the entire cooling system in addition to sealing off any minor leaks, cracks, porosity and sand pit hole areas, in chassis (in the vehicle). This product however is climate sensitive, being that Ceramic Seal will not mix with anti-freeze or coolant, water only, (Mixture of Ceramic Seal and Anti-Freeze will look like a Lava Lamp of the 60’s, will not emulsify with anti-freeze). The Ceramic Seal is added to a Clean (flushed) cooling system with only clear water, with the Ceramic Seal in the cooling system, the vehicle is to be driven for 2-3 days of normal driving, then the cooling system is to be drained while hot, left sit overnight with the petcock and cooling system open, (heat and air cures the solution) then the next morning with clear water and refilled with correct anti-freeze coolant mixture, to go on your way. Ceramic seal will leave a fine coating, (barrier) between the coolant flowing thru water jacket areas and the casting, minimizing or eliminating electrolysis in the cooling system. Ceramic Seal is also used for 40+ years in the High Performance Market.


This cooling system flush grew out of the demand of the professional automotive and diesel mechanics in the early to mid 1960’s. Thoro Flush has been a proven product to remove oil, grease, and rust scale and contaminates from the cooling system. Thoro Flush should be used whenever the coolant flow is in question to open up clogged orifices due to an aging system or prior to using our Ceramic Seal or All Weather Seal. The heavy-duty diesel truck market likes our Thoro Flush due to its cleaning capabilities of removing diesel fuel or oil in a contaminated cooling system.


All Weather Seal also grew out of demand in the mid 1960’s where our customers asked for a product with sealing capabilities as good as our Ceramic Seal only asking for a product that is not climate sensitive, All Weather Seal may be added directly to the cooling system as long as there is a normal flow of coolant. All Weather Seal, seals minor leaks, cracks; porosity and sand pit holes areas and is activated by the combination of heat and air. This chemical composition, as it flows thru the cooling system, does not block heater cores; stays in suspension in the cooling system to address needed future areas of repair. All Weather Seal is now noted to off road construction workers as “The Professionals Choice” as it keeps the man & machine out there.