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Doug from Canada writes:

I have a success story for you. In 2006, my 1999 Nissan Pathfinder developed a serious passenger side head gasket leak with coolant "streaming" out under the vehicle. I was convinced that the excellent vehicle was done, However I found Irontite All Weather Seal and bought two bottles. I poured one in the radiator and the leak stopped. It has remained stopped and the vehicle is going strong at 840,000kM, on its way to 1,000,000 In about two more years. I still carry the second bottle "just in case|", but I'm sure I'll never need it



Unnamed Customer

I have used these products for many years and they work better than any others I have found so far. The only caution is with the block cleaner... it cleans the whole system if you have an older vehicle use with caution because it may clean out some sludge in the cooling system and you may find a few leaks in your radiator or heater core in older vehicles that don't get regular maintenance. don't get me wrong these are very good products just don't leave the cleaner in too long in older vehicles. These do exactly what they are supposed to and no less..



William wrote:

had a jeep liberty that had head gasket problems used this product and the issue went away...it is a must that the directions be followed to the tee for maximum usage



Thoro-Flush Customer wrote:

So far so good. I did the flush and then 4 rinse cycles to clean everything out of my system, and a lot of nasty stuff came out on the rinses. It works great you just need to flush the system with water a few more times after you are done to get everything out. My system is running much cooler now.



Another Thoro-Flush Customer wrote:

This stuff is a life saver. Saw it advertised on TV on one of those auto rebuild shows. I messed up by adding green antifreeze to the red antifreeze in my '06 Tacoma. Clogged the heater core almost completely; probably clogged part of the radiator too but I couldn't tell. I used the flush precisely as outlined in the directions. I did however, dump the antifreeze and flushed with distilled water before adding the flush chemical. The end result was spectacular. After 3 years I now have heat in my truck...and you need it here in central Ohio. I highly recommend this product!



Another Thoro-Flush Customer wrote:

Truely commercial grade. Better than GM and Preston's.

I had tried Preston's flush and GM's flush for getting rid of dexcool sludge. They worked to some extent, but the car kept overheating. I tried this flush and got a whole bunch of dexcool crap out of the car. Now the temp is back to normal (was 215-230deg, is now 196-210deg) and I'm not loosing coolant due to overheating any more. This is no ordinary watered down stuff from the department store shelves. It is truely commercial grade. Deducting one star because it is not mentioned how to dispose it properly. I still holding on to it in containers.

Manufacturer Response: Disposal is dependant on your locality. You will need to ask the governing body in your area how best to dispose of the resulting waste.



Deb writes:

About All Weather Seal

Motorcycle Must Have
My 97 goldwing had a water leak in a plastic fitting,the Honda shop that won't work and it would cost 200$ to fix it,but I put it in anyway and it stoped it , works great



Will writes:

About Thoro-Flush

I've been using this in my shop for years on cast iron engines. There's not a better product for flushing cooling systems in cast iron engines.



Tony writes:

About All Weather Seal

Irotite worked on 4.7 Dodge
Was loosing water into oil ,added product,changed oil, 800 miles later no problems,unbelievable...